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Чимидбазарын ДамдиншаравЗасварлах

According to the English article, the bronze medalist in wrestling (чөлөөт бөх) at Mexico (second in the list) is Сүхбаатарын Сүрэнжав. Budelberger 10:11, 27 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC) ( )

That was already discussed in the talk page of Artag's article. Don't start it again here. --ОригМонгол 14:06, 27 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)
Unfortunately, the issues raised weren't really addressed sufficiently. If Wikipedia wants to claim that the IOC registered the wrong people as medal winners, then we need to explain that confusion with sources. The matter must be "started again" somwehere, until it is properly resolved. --Latebird (яриа) 14:54, 27 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)
The website of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee states that Damdinsharav and Artag were the Olympic medalists in its list of Olympic medalists. If you read Mongolian a little bit, you will understand it. I think it is a sufficient evidence. --ОригМонгол 16:48, 27 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)
« Don't start it again here. » : Eh b'en, on peut dire que vous êtes aimable, vous. « here » rassemble pourtant tous les résultats de la Mongolie, en une vision globale. --Budelberger 19:51, 27 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC) ( )

Гарчигны талаарЗасварлах

Монгол Улс Олимпод гэвэл 1992 оноос хойших, Монгол улс Олимпод гэвэл 1964 оноос хойших түүх болно доо, тийм ээ. Улс гэдгийг улс гэж солих хэрэгтэй гэж бодогдож байна.

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