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I am searching for a volunteer in each language community: I still need one for the Монгол Wikipedia. If you feel like it, you can contact me at: marcmiquel *at* gmail.com I need a contact in your every community who can (1) check the quality of the cultural context article list I generate to be imported-exported to other language editions, (2) test the interface/data visualizations in their language, and (3) communicate the existance of the tool/site when ready to the language community and especially to those editors involved in projects which could use it or be aligned with it. Communicating it might not be a lot of work, but it will surely have a greater impact if done in native language! :). '''If you like the project, I'd ask you to endorse it in the page I provided.''' In any case, I will appreciate any feedback, comments,... Thanks in advance for your time! Best regards, --[[Хэрэглэгч:Marcmiquel|Marcmiquel]] ([[Хэрэглэгчийн яриа:Marcmiquel|talk]]) 08:25, 10 Аравдугаар сар 2017 (UTC) Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
== ESEAP Conference 2018==
Hello all,
Scholarship applications for '''[[metawiki:ESEAP_Conference_2018|ESEAP Conference 2018]]''' is now open!
'''[[metawiki:ESEAP_Conference_2018|ESEAP Conference 2018]]''' is a regional conference for Wikimedia communities around the ESEAP regions. ESEAP stands for East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific. Taking place in Bali, Indonesia on 5-6 May 2018, this is the first regional conference for the Wikimedia communities around the regions.
Full scholarships are subject to quotas, maximum two people per country and your country is eligible to apply, visit [[metawiki:ESEAP_Conference_2018/Attend|this page]].
We also accept [[metawiki:ESEAP_Conference_2018/Submissions|submissions]] of several formats, including:
*'''Workshop & Tutorial''': these are presentations with a focus on practical work directed either to acquiring a specific skill or doing a specific task. Sessions are 55 minutes led by the presenters in a classroom space suitable for laptops and work.
*'''Posters''': A2-size format to give news, share your community event/program, set out an idea, propose a concept, or explain a problem. The poster itself must be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons with a suitable license.
*'''Short Presentation/Sharing talks''': 10-15 minutes presentation on certain topic.
Deadline for submissions and scholarship applications is on 15 March 2018. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me or send your e-mail to eseap{{@}}wikimedia.or.id.
Best regards,
--[[Хэрэглэгч:Beeyan|Beeyan]] ([[Хэрэглэгчийн яриа:Beeyan|talk]]) 06:23, 8 Гуравдугаар сар 2018 (UTC)