"Хэрэглэгчийн яриа:Zorigt"-ны өөр хувилбарууд

I beg you to radically change your opinion about kopivio and consider my proposal. I think the Mongolian Wikipedia is very small (it is). And the articles in it are even less. Perhaps, on our part would have been better to save kopivio, which makes articles bigger. And then edit it. Otherwise, it turns out that there is only one normal article - "Монгол Улс". In fact, in all the Wikipedia article about the local towns are bigger than in the other language versions. But in the Mongolian Wikipedia is not. I then everything will correct, but you can remove your edits in articles "Дархан хот", "Цагаан сар". Бугат? Талархал. [[Хэрэглэгч:Губин Михаил|Gubin]] ([[Хэрэглэгчийн яриа:Губин Михаил|talk]]), 27 Зургаадугаар сар 2012 (UTC)
== Translator English to Mongolian? ==
Hello friend, there is a translator that translates English and Portuguese to Mongolian?? Thanks. [[en:User:Slashinho Of Christ|Guitarist of Christ]] ([[en:User talk:Slashinho Of Christ|Msg]])