"Изотоп"-ны өөр хувилбарууд

робот Нэмж байна: lmo:Isotop; cosmetic changes
б (робот Нэмж байна: mg:Miratoerana)
б (робот Нэмж байна: lmo:Isotop; cosmetic changes)
== Бусад холбоотой сэдвүүд ==
* [[Атом]]
* [[Химийн элемент]]
== Гадаад холбоос ==
* [http://www.IAEA.org International Atomic Energy Agency]
* [http://physics.nist.gov/cgi-bin/Compositions/stand_alone.pl?ele=&ascii=html&isotype=some Atomic weights of all isotopes]
* [http://atom.kaeri.re.kr/ Atomgewichte, Zerfallsenergien und Halbwertszeiten aller Isotope]
* [http://www.chartofthenuclides.com/ Chart of the Nuclides] produced by the [[Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory]]
* [http://ie.lbl.gov/education/isotopes.htm Exploring the Table of the Isotopes] at the [[LBNL]]
* [http://www.isotope.info/ Current isotope research and information]