For works created in Mongolia, use {{PD-Mongolia}}.

  • {{PD-old}}
  • {{PD-old|years=100}}

Set years to a number higher than 70 if the media was created in a country with a longer copyright expiration time. Currently those are:

  • Colombia 80
  • Cote d'Ivoire 99
  • Mexico 100

If the country of origin has an expiry time of less than 70 years, then you need to check some additional conditions, in order to make sure that the work is also PD in the US (required by Wikipedia). You can only set years to such a lower figure if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The work was already PD in the country of origin before 1996.
  • The work was published before 1923
  • the work was published before 1964 and US copyright was not registered/renewed.
  • the work was published before 1989 without a copyright notice.

See Commons:Help:Public domain#Copyright terms by country for a list with expiry times (subject to inaccuracies and change).