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Баримт бичиг

|Тайлбар      = 
|Эх_сурвалж   = 
|Он_сар_өдөр  = 
|Зохиогч      = 
|Зөвшөөрөл    = 
|бусад_хувилбарууд = 

A standardized table providing complete information about the file, including description of what it shows and how it was made, copyright status and source.

Brief syntax description


You can use parameters in either Mongolian or English, but please don't mix.

|Description =
|Source      =
|Date        =
|Author      =
|Permission  = (optional, returns "See below." if nothing is filled in)
|other_versions = (optional variable, can be left out)

e.g. the source code of the description of Image:Anders-Celsius-Head.jpg:

|Description =
Part of an oil painting of Anders Celsius. Painting by Olof Arenius (1701 - 1766).
The original painting is placed in the astronomical observatory of Uppsala University.
|Source      = Astronomical observatory of Uppsala University
|Date        = between 1701 - 1766
|Author      = Olof Arenius
|Permission  = Copyright expired as artist died more than 70 years ago
|other_versions = [[:Image:Anders-Celsius.jpeg]] (full image)